1. Running Servers around Zero Degrees: Can this work? Or more general: at what temperature should computers be run so that energy cost of cooling etc. and the cost of failure are fair.
Nice words from the talk: What is computer science? CS looks at the question at what can be automated. Or more precisely asking what can be automated efficiently. Maybe we should now ask, what can be automated sustainable…

2. NapSAC: Design and Implementation of a Power-Proportional Web Cluster. Paper shows power proportional web cluster. Basically, it adds atom based machines to the web server front ends for low loads. Each CPU class and machine type has a different operating range where it handles a good number of request at low joules per response. Combine Atom and server class machines to serve Wikipedia loads etc. by doing some cool software load balancing.

3. SpinThrift: Saving Energy in Viral Workloads: SpinThrift: in social/viral  networks people often look at a fraction (for example seconds 45 to 55) of a video that friends/others consider funny. This paper helps to make this more scalable

The talks for “energy aware routing” and the one on compression were cancelled. Talk 3 of this session was scheduled in session 3.