1. Greening Backbone Networks: Reducing Energy Consumption by Shutting Off Cables in Bundled Links: Energy consumption off routers seems to depend on whether the link is on or off and not depend on the actual load. Hence, you should turn off links to safe energy and to keep the others well loaded.

2. How Internet Concepts and Technologies Can Help Green and Smarten the Electrical Grid: How Grids can be be made green by learning from the Internet. Very interesting talk. Current problems in the grid: storage, over provisioning, loss in distribution (lines, transformation). However, the grid of tomorrow looks different, it will change: people start producing energy, too (wind, solar) and hence to not only consume (bidirectional energy flow), store energy, and collect energy information on energy usage at high detail (smart meters). This causes funny problems: with solar cells and wind mills in each garden we have millions of not really predictable sources. This results in a complex distribution / backhaul of two way flows: energy sinks now become a source, too. Furthermore, wind and sun are strong were people and industry are typically not located: in the desert, at the sea.
The talk suggest to use Internet techniques such as Peer-To-Peer etc. to solve grid problems and identifies interesting similarities between power grids and the Internet. For example, they have similar problems / challenges: heterogeneous, critical to society, ossified. Furthermore, they share some similarities: Simple API (simple plug vs. simple protocol known as IP) … but also have nice difference as electrons do not have headers and are not routed in a “packet” based fashion.  Also, storage of energy if much more difficult than storage of data. For more, please read the paper, this talk is too interesting to type and listen.

3.How Green is IP-Telephony? Compare P2P relaying to a centralized relaying. But the interesting question was left open (future work) compare to classic PSTN network.

4. Shipping to Streaming: Is this shift green? Interesting talk, but not really surprising: When you do your data center right, streaming is more energy efficient.