What is a WSN guy doing at SigComm. Now, I am not only a WSN guy. However, my goal here is roughly the following: We learned many things during WSN design (duty cycling, lightweight energy models, energy focused code benchmarking / instrumentation, and many more).  Maybe it is time to marry my different directions and see how things learned during WSN design can help the Internet and reduce its energy consumption.

The workshop started with a very nice keynote: Victor Bahl (Microsoft Research): A Software Perspective to Energy Management.

Nice key note talk, giving an overview over approaches and their problems done to reduce energy consumption in data centers and home networks, mostly MS research. Main message, solutions should be software based to ensure easy adaptation.

My conclusion: Energy costs! Energy needs to be first order metric when building, designing and evaluating new systems and algorithms. Hence, we need to evaluate energy as key metric requirements just as we evaluate scalability, bandwidth consumption, resilience etc when writing papers.

More on the sessions in the following posts