I am in New Delhi for SigComm 2010. I arrived at midnight on the night between Saturday and Sunday. I planned Sunday to catch up from the jetlag so that I am fresh when the conference and Green Networking workshop started.

On short notice I was contacted by Jo (my former office mate at RWTH). He is currently on exchange at IIT Delhi and the result was as follows: To get the right India feeling and to help me to get rid of jetlag, Jo had organized a nice trip to the Tash mahal and other places. Albeit I was jetlagged, it was very cool trip and I saw wonderful places. Nonetheless, I have to admit that this country — albeit very interesting — but holds many contrasts. And that traffic is a bit too crazy for me.

Thank you Jo, for this trip. It was a perfect start in India and it helped me very much with the Jetlag (because it forced me to stay up all day).