There is an app for everything! Or at least for nearly everything. This means, traditional search (google, bing, …) will face some changes. We will not use search anymore to find cheap offers for a flight, a product review, or whatever else. For things that we do more or less frequently we will have an app do this. Hipmunk, expedia, tripadvisor, and many many more. These dedicated apps will be our starting point, at least from our mobile and from the tablet. As a result, search and related advertising might see a problem.

This also includes the desktop. For many things which we have been doing in the browser, we see more and more dedicated apps popping up: evernote, wunderkit, and many others give you an app for your desktop. As someone who has never been a big fan of doing everything in the browser, I am very happy to see us switching back from the browser to apps.