Commonly, I use London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt as hub when flying to the US. This time I was booked on Swiss and changed planes in Zurich (Stockholm-> Zurich –> San Francisco). It was my first time connecting in Zurich and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous: I was scheduled for to have only one hour to change planes in Zurich. Based on my experience from major hubs I was not expecting that I could make it on time to my flight to the US.

And then the plane even was delayed 10 minutes when we arrived in Zurich…

But, somehow, everything went smooth: short queues, quick but precise security checks, and I nicely boarded 15 minutes before takeoff (what seems to be normal in Zurich). That is nice! Service is great with Swiss as always, just the screens are not really not good (at least mine).

So, I finally found some time to watch the “Social Network” Movie. Now, I like it, but they really make him look like an idiot. I am not sure if he deserves this.

P.S. Matt Welsh: I do not like your the way they dressed you in the movie. And I hope that you have had a couple of more people in your class, at least in the undergrad ones.